Kids Rock Arizona 2014

Last Saturday, Jan. 18th, Maille, Merik and Anlie participated in their first “Kids Rock Arizona” 1 mile fun run!  Camby, Maille, Merik and Anlie have all been participating in their elementary school’s before-school running club.  They all begged to run in the Kids Rock Arizona run once the running club sent out information about it, so I reluctantly signed them up (it wasn’t exactly cheap to register 4 kids!)  :)  A week before the run we found out Camby had a scout camp out that same weekend.  I let him choose which he wanted to go to and camping won out (go figure!)

I was so proud of them for being such good little runners!  Even Anlie, who really wasn’t feeling well and said she wasn’t going to do it, ran anyway.  They got neat “medals” at the end along with a goodie bag.  Just before we left I had the kids line up at the start line to take their picture all together and photographer asked if he could have them hold hands and jump together for future promo shot.  So they did… like 20 times.  And then he finally got the shot he wanted, ha, ha.  Or so he says.  :)  Anyway, it was funny to watch anyhow.  My dad came with me since Michael had to work.  It was a good thing because there was no way I could run back and forth between the start and finish lines in time to help each of them and take their picture.  He was a huge help and of course the kids always love attention from Grandpa.  :)  (Thanks Dad!)

Congrats Maille, Merik and Anlie for being good, fast finishers!

Maille, Merik & Anlie at Kids Rock Arizona

Maille, Merik & Anlie at Kids Rock Arizona

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